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PDF | Foundations of digital art and design with Adobe Creative Cloud (2nd Edition)

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Xtine Burrough
New Riders
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Foundations of digital art and design with Adobe Creative Cloud (2nd Edition)

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ISBN-13: 0135732359
ISBN-10: 0135732359
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Authors: Xtine Burrough
Publisher: New Riders

Foundations of Digital Art and Design, Second Edition

Fuses design fundamentals and software training into one cohesive approach!

All students of digital design and production–whether learning in a classroom or on their own–need to understand the basic principles of design. These principles are often excluded from books that teach software. Foundations of Digital Art and Design reinvigorates software training by integrating design exercises into tutorials that fuse design fundamentals and core Adobe Creative Cloud skills.

The result is a comprehensive design learning experience organized into five sections that focus on vector art, photography, image manipulation, typography, and effective work habits for digital artists. Design topics and principles include: Bits, Dots, Lines, Shapes, Unity, Rule of Thirds, Zone System, Color Models, Collage, Appropriation, Gestalt, The Bauhaus Basic Course Approach, Continuity, Automation, and Revision.


This book:

  • Teaches art and design principles with references to contemporary digital art alongside digital tools and processes in Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Addresses the growing trend of compressing design fundamentals and design software into the same course in universities and design colleges
  • Times each lesson to be used in 50 to 90-minute class sessions with additional practice materials available online
  • Includes free video screencasts that demonstrate key concepts in every chapter