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PDF | Global Business Today (11th Edition)

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Charles W. L. Hill
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Global Business Today (11th Edition)

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ISBN-13: 978-1260088373
ISBN-10: 1260088375
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Authors: Charles W. L. Hill
Publisher: McGraw-Hill

The success of the first ten editions of Global Business Today (and its longer more in-depth textbook option and companion International Business now in the 12th edition) was based in part on the incorporation of leading-edge research into the text the use of the up-to-date examples and statistics to illustrate global trends and enterprise strategy and the discussion of current events within the context of the appropriate theory. Building on these strengths our goals for the 11th edition have focused on the following:1. Incorporate new insights from scholarly research.2. Make sure the content covers all appropriate issues.3. Make sure the text is up-to-date with current events statistics and examples.4. Add new and insightful opening and closing cases in most chapters.5. Incorporate value-added global EDGETM features in every chapter.6. Connect every chapter to a focus on managerial implications.As part of the overall revision process changes have been made to every chapter in the book. All statistics have been updated to incorporate the most recently available data. Currency is maintained through the integration of Connect and global EDGETM feature in every chapter.