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PDF | Globalization - The Essentials (2nd Edition) by George Ritzer

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George Ritzer
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Globalization - The Essentials (2nd Edition) by George Ritzer

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ISBN-13: 978-1119315209
ISBN-10: 1119315204
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Authors: George Ritzer
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

A concise exploration of globalization and its role in the contemporary era 

Driven by technological advancements and global corporations, more and more people are swept up by globalizing processes, creating new winners and losers. Globalization: The Essentials explores the flows, structures, processes, and consequences of globalization in the modern economic, political, and cultural landscape. This comprehensive introduction offers balanced coverage of areas such as global economic and cultural flows, environmental sustainability, the impact of technology, and racial, economic, and gender inequality ― providing readers with foundational knowledge of globalization.

Extensively revised and updated, this second edition includes expanded coverage of human trafficking and migration, global climate change, fake news and information wars, and transnational social movements with increased emphasis on examples from Central and South America, Africa, and Asia:

  • Offers a straightforward approach to the multiple facets of globalization and their positive and negative influences on contemporary society
  • Employs unique metaphors and a coherent narrative structure to promote intuitive understanding of abstract concepts
  • Introduces cutting-edge research, updated statistics, and real-world examples in areas such as rising global populism, social justice movements, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies
  • Provides an efficient and flexible pedagogical structure, allowing integration with instructor’s own course material