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PDF | Media Today - Mass Communication in a Converging World (7th Edition)

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Joseph Turow
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Media Today - Mass Communication in a Converging World (7th Edition)
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ISBN-13:   978-1138593848
ISBN-10:   1138593842
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Authors:   Joseph Turow 
Publisher: Routledge

This seventh edition of Joseph Turow’s pathbreaking media textbook uses convergence as a lens that puts students at the center of the profound changes in the 21st century media world. It teaches students to think critically about the role of media, and what these changes mean for their lives.

The book’s media systems approach helps students to look carefully at how media content is created, distributed, and exhibited in the new world that the digital revolution has created. The first part examines the media world as a whole, while the second delves deep into key media industries, such as the movie, book, and video game industries. This new edition includes critical expanded coverage of social media, as well as updated figures, tables, and pedagogy, including key terms and further activities.

Media Today is an excellent introduction to the world of media in the digital age. From news media to video games and social networking to mobile platforms, it provides students with the tools they need to understand and critique the media they encounter and consume. Extensive pedagogical materials also make this a highly teachable book, well suited to the classroom.