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PDF | The St. Martin's Guide to Writing (11th Edition)

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Rise B. Axelrod, Charles R. Cooper
Bedford / St. Martin's
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The St. Martin's Guide to Writing (11th Edition)

Format: PDF eTextbooks
ISBN-13: 978-1319087715
ISBN-10: 131908771X
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Authors: Rise B. Axelrod, Charles R. Cooper
Publisher: Bedford / St. Martin's

Whether you have years of experience as a teacher or are new to the classroom, you and your students can count on The St. Martin’s Guide to Writing to provide the support you need in first-year composition, with a rhetoric, an array of engaging readings, a research manual, and a handbook, all in a single book — and available online. Thousands of instructors and their students rely on the Guide’s proven approach because it works: the Guide’s acclaimed step-by-step writing guides to 9 different genres offer sure-fire invention strategies to get students started, sentence strategies to get students writing, and thoughtful revision strategies to help students make their writing their own, no matter what their major. With its hands-on activities for reading like a writer and working with sources, there is no better text to help students bridge reading analytically to successful writing in first-year composition and beyond.

In keeping with the Guide’s tradition of innovation and based on instructor feedback about what assignments they give their students, the new edition integrates new types of writing that reflect the range of genres being assigned in first-year composition, including a reimagined Chapter 5 that provides a bridge from personal and expository to argumentative writing by following a scaffolded approach.