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9781118308820 | The Architect's Handbook of Professional Practice (15th Edition) | eTextbooks

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American Institute of Architects
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The Architect's Handbook of Professional Practice (15th Edition)

Format: PDF
ISBN-13: 9781118308820
ISBN-10: 1118308824
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Authors: American Institute of Architects
Publisher: Wiley

Authored by The American Institute of Architects (AIA), this guide is the updated architecture profession's standard on practice issues. This indispensable resource covers all aspects of architectural practice, including legal, financial, marketing, management, and administrative issues. Content is significantly revised to reflect the changing nature of the business of architecture related to the impact of integrated practice. An accompanying web site contains samples of the latest AIA Contract Documents in PDF format.

The definitive guide to architectural practice

Business, legal, and technical trends in architecture are constantly changing. The Architect's Handbook of Professional Practice has offered firms the latest guidance on those trends since 1920.

The Fifteenth Edition of this indispensable guide features nearly two thirds new content and covers all aspects of contemporary practice, including updated material on:

  • Small firm practice, use of technologies such as BIM, and project delivery methods, such as IPD and architect led design build
  • Career development and licensure for emerging professionals and state mandated continuing education for established architects
  • Business management topics, such as organizational development, marketing, finance, and human resources
  • Research as an integrated aspect of architectural practice, featuring such topics as evidence based design and research in a small firm context

The Fifteenth Edition of The Architect's Handbook of Professional Practice includes access to a website that contains samples of all AIA Contract Documents (in PDF format for Mac and PC computers). With comprehensive coverage of contemporary practices in architecture, as well as the latest developments and trends in the industry, The Architect's Handbook of Professional Practice continues to be the essential reference for every architect who must meet the challenges of today's marketplace with insight and confidence.